CWS Superheroes

Almost everyone is familiar with Batman, Superman and other popular superheroes. But not all superheroes wear capes… “My grandma teaches me to love all people. She helps with the blanket program at our church,” shared one of CWS’ youngest supporters. A nine-year-old superhero in the making, Spiderman. After many years of, faithfully, hosting a Blanket Sunday and making CWS Kits—Spiderman’s … Read More

The Warm Miracle of Love

Every time a community of friends and neighbors come together for a good cause, a miracle happens. For First Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ (also known as First Church), and St. John’s United Church of Christ, this is a common occurrence. Once a month, these two churches come together at an event titled The Largest Table where … Read More

The Gift of Hope

When people seeking asylum are reduced to numbers and political pawns, we all lose. When we recognize that they are people who, just like you and me, want a safe life and a place to call home, we renew hope for humanity. During the recent bussing of migrants and asylum seekers to Washington, D.C. by Texas Governor Abbot, CWS teamed … Read More

A Labor of Love in Jackson

This past summer, Jackson, Mississippi, was hit not once, but twice by two linked disasters. In August, heavy rains led to flooding throughout the city, damaging the city’s infrastructure. Once the rain stopped, a new crisis began. The city’s water plants were damaged, leaving tens of thousands of residents without access to clean running water. In this moment of crisis, … Read More