• School Kits

We all remember how great it felt to start a new school year with all the right supplies. Now, you’re giving that same feeling to students around the world who otherwise wouldn’t have the supplies they need. You’re making sure children have the best chance to succeed in school, even if they are recovering from a disaster or living in other tough circumstances.

Supplies needed:

  • One pair of blunt scissors removed from the package (rounded tip, only)
  • Three 70-count bound notebooks or notebooks totaling 200-210 pages (no loose-leaf or filler paper)
  • One 30-centimeter, 12″ ruler
  • One hand-held pencil sharpener removed from the package
  • One large eraser (no pencil cap erasers)
  • Six new, unsharpened pencils with erasers (please remove pencils from the package)
  • One box of 24 crayons
  • One 12″ x 14″ to 14″ x 17″ finished size cotton or lightweight canvas bag with handles (solid color or kid-friendly fabric, no logos, reusable shopping bags or backpacks)

All items must be packed inside of the bag. MyShopAngel.com has an affordable option for bulk purchase, just search “CWS Kit Bag”.

Optional: Loose school kit items may be placed in a large Ziploc type bag to keep them together. Remove the air, seal the bag and place inside of the cotton/canvas bag.

Value: $15 Processing fee: $2 per kit