• Hygiene Kits

Our most needed kits! These little kits are jam-packed with supplies to help keep people clean and healthy. From toothbrushes to washcloths, you’re making sure that someone’s needs are going to be met in the wake of an emergency when even the most basic supplies can be hard to come by.

Supplies needed:

  • One hand towel measuring approximately 15″ x 28″ to 16″ x 32″ (no fingertip, bath, dish towel, or micro-fiber)
  • One washcloth
  • One wide-tooth comb removed from the package (found at discount dealers like sallybeauty.com)
  • One fingernail or toenail clipper removed from the package (either one is acceptable)
  • One bath size bar of soap in the original package
  • One toothbrush in the original package
  • Ten standard size Band-Aids

Affordable wide-tooth combs can be found at discount suppliers such as sallybeauty.com. Search for “wide-tooth pastel comb” to see an example of combs that meet the kit requirements.

All items need to fit inside a one-gallon Ziploc type bag. Remove the excess air from the bag and seal before boxing.

Do not add any extra items or toothpaste. A tube of extended expiration date toothpaste will be added to each hygiene kit just prior to its journey.

Value: $15 Processing cost: $2 per kit