CWS Superheroes

Almost everyone is familiar with Batman, Superman and other popular superheroes.

But not all superheroes wear capes…

“My grandma teaches me to love all people. She helps with the blanket program at our church,” shared one of CWS’ youngest supporters. A nine-year-old superhero in the making, Spiderman.

After many years of, faithfully, hosting a Blanket Sunday and making CWS Kits—Spiderman’s church requested blankets and kits to share with the hundreds of individuals and families in their community who are in need.

“I like helping out at our church. It’s fun and important.” He said. “This year, I get to help her pass out the blankets to other people!”

Some of those people are children, like Spiderman. And he wants them to know how much he and others care. “I just want to make sure the other kids have everything they need.”

Each year, Spiderman and others at his church share a meal and offer essential items like CWS blankets and kits to neighbors in need. As they share love they are also restoring hope–just like a superhero.