Kit packing instructions

Once you have made your kits, the next step is to get them packed and sent to one of the CWS Drop Off Locations.



  • Pack kits in sturdy boxes with only one type of kit in each box (pack school kits in a different box from health kits, etc.).
  • Each box should have a lid or flaps for easy stacking on the truck.
  • Boxes should not weigh more than 30lbs.
  • Kits may no longer be packed in trash bags, shopping bags or donated loosely.


  • Secure the box with packing tape to keep all of the items safely inside.


  • Print a Kit Form. Complete a CWS Kit Form, which you can download here and attach it to the outside of each box.
  • Use Permanent Marker: If you aren't able to print labels for each box, you can simply use a permanent marker and write in LARGE, BLOCK LETTERS on the outside of each box. Please write the type and number of kits enclosed in each box. Make sure to write the name and address of your congregation or group on the box.

Please complete the CWS Kit Receiving Form prior to taking your kits to the kit depot. Keep the white copy for your receipt, leave the yellow copy with the depot, and mail the pink copy in the enclosed envelope to CWS.

Download CWS Kit Form Label Here

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