How it Works

Assembling CWS Kits is an easy way to share your love with others and have a fun experience with your family and friends.


This is the fun part! Now its time to assemble the CWS Kits. Maybe you could even host a kit assembly party?


When you share a CWS Hygiene Kit, you show a tremendous amount of love and support to our neighbors around the world. CWS will share these kits on your behalf to communities in need.

Transform Lives

These kits will provide a little piece of hope when someone needs it most.

What are CWS Kit Depots?

CWS Kit Depots are designated businesses, organizations and local churches that serve as dedicated kit drop-off locations for donors and volunteers. Kits are collected and housed at these secure drop-off points and used to respond to the needs of communities throughout the United States.

An ideal kit drop-off location has…..

  • A safe and secure location with a room or open space of, at least, 100 square feet that could be used to store CWS Kits.
  • A room or space easily accessible without stairs.
  • A parking lot large enough to accommodate a semi-truck for loading kits.
“I also want to thank you for your regular communications and the informational packet you sent me. I was able to be confident in carrying out this role for the first time because of your guidance and the materials. I am very thankful for the work you do to help us contribute to the ministry of Church World Service!”

Types of CWS Depots: Seasonal Kit Depots and Year-Round Depots

Seasonal Kit Depots

  • Kit Depots are open, at minimum for 1 week. Kit Depots may choose to remain open for a longer time period.
  • To prepare the kits for pick up, volunteers should plan to move the kits to an easily accessible location for the truck driver. Typically, that is outside in a parking lot.
  • Volunteers should be available and onsite during kit pick up.

Year-Round Kit Depots

  • Year-Round Kit Depots are open at least 4 times a year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
  • Each seasonal kit collection is at least 1 week.
  • A Year-Round Kit Depot can also be “by appointment only,” which simply means the donor must contact the location prior to dropping off kits.
  • In most situations, a truck will pick up kits from each depot once a year.

Become a CWS Kits Partner

Reach out and a CWS engagement team member will get back to you.

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Volunteer for the CWS Kit Depot program.