Join the CWS Kits Ambassador Network

As a faithful kits volunteer, you are also an influencer within your community and circle of friends. As a compassionate champion of CWS Kits, you can inspire others to join your assembly project and get excited about giving and volunteering. Hopefully, you will help to motivate other people to host a CWS Kits assembly in the future.

It’s Simple as 1-2-3


Pick a date to host your CWS Kits assembly event and invite others to participate. Many congregations and groups love multi-generational service projects as a way to inspire youth to become compassionate.


Register your assembly event using the Registration Form below. After you register your event, we will send you a Starter Packet with Free Gifts—including promotional materials, posters, a free t-shirt for you, helpful hints and more! Register your event below.


Host your CWS Kits Assembly and have fun! After your Kits Assembly, drop off your kits at a kit drop off location or ship them back to CWS.

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Please note:  Our Starter Kits will be assembled in the next few weeks and we'll begin shipping once they're ready!

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Don’t have Time to Shop?

Many of our Kit Ambassadors are busy people and don’t have time to go shopping for the kit items. Check out the new Party Pack. You can pick CWS Hygiene Kits or Period Packs, and we will do the shopping. You bring the love, and we’ll bring the rest.

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